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Troubleshooting Guide Thin Client

troubleshooting guide thin client

You may want to use your thin client in a horizontal orientation. You can install self-adhesive rubber feet at the corners of the left side of the unit. The rubber feet help keep the unit safely in place. CAUTION: If you use the thin client in a horizontal orientation without the rubber feet, it may slide and result in equipment damage.

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The thin client comes with rubber feet installed. The rubber feet help keep the thin client safely in place. CAUTION: If you use the thin client in a horizontal orientation without the rubber feet, it may slide and result in equipment damage.


The thin client unit does not power on. Verify that the power supply is good by installing it on a known working unit and testing it. If the power supply does not work on the test unit, replace the power supply. If the unit does not work properly with the replaced power supply, have the unit serviced.


The problem you are experiencing may have already been fixed and released in a later version of firmware and using the latest version will cure the current problem. Try applying the latest firmware, and then reboot the thin client to see if the problem still exists.

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Press the tab (1), and then slide the stand about 1.26 cm (1/2 inch) toward the front of the unit and lift the stand off the unit (2). Figure 1-8Removing the stand. Serial Number Location. Every thin client includes a unique serial number located as shown in the following illustration.

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Before removing the access panel, be sure that the thin client is turned off and the AC power cord is disconnected from the AC outlet. To remove the access panel: 1. Remove/disengage any security devices that prohibit opening the thin client. 2. Remove all removable media, such as USB flash drives, from the thin client. Warnings and cautions 5

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Thin Client will not automatically connect through a SOCKS proxy. This is typical of many applications that communicate using TCP Sockets. With proxy servers, there is a need to wrap the commands to get past the proxy permissions. Third-party tools are available that allow client applications to connect through proxy servers.

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Verify that the monitor brightness is set to a readable level. Verify the monitor is good by connecting it to a known working computer and ensure its front LED turns green (assuming... Re-image the thin client unit and power on the monitor again. Test the thin client unit on a known working ...

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Search Wyse 5070 Thin Client Documentation Find articles, manuals and more to help support your product.

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The primary thin client printing solution to alleviate this problem is print job compression. By compressing print jobs, the file size will be reduced and consequently so will the burden on the WAN connection. Poor driver management is another factor that can cause more than just thin client printing problems.

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Thin Client, RDP Server, Terminal Server troubleshooting guide. Common problems and their solutions Links referred to in video: https://www.youtube.com/watch...

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Automation Control Products ThinManager 4.0 Help Manual ThinManager Troubleshooting Guide 549 Make sure that Audio Mapping is allowed on the Client Settings of the RDP-tcp Properties in the Terminal Server Configuration Console. Make sure that you are using a ThinManager Ready thin client that has sound capability

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Toward the rear of the thin client's compartment cover, remove the screw that secures the compartment cover to the unit (1). 2. Push the compartment cover about.6 cm (1/4 inch) toward the front of the unit (2) and lift it off the unit (3).


Troubleshooting Basic Troubleshooting If the thin client is experiencing operating problems or will not power on, review the following items. Table 5-4 Power-On Troubleshooting Issue Procedures The thin client unit is experiencing operating Ensure that the following connectors are securely plugged into the thin client unit: problems.

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ThinManager v10.0 User Manual The complete ThinManager 10.0 User Manual (added 12/18/2017) TM 10.0 Manual in *.PDF format: ThinManager v9.0 User Manual The complete ThinManager 9.0 User Manual (added 8/2/2016) TM 9.0 Manual in *.PDF format: ACP ThinManager v8.0 User Manual The complete ThinManager 8.0 User Manual (added 6/2/2015)

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Removing and replacing the M.2 flash storage module To remove the M.2 flash storage module: Remove/disengage any security devices that prohibit opening the thin client. Remove all removable media, such as USB flash drives, from the thin client. Turn off the thin client properly through the operating system, and then turn off any external devices.

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Advisory: HP Thin Clients - The Overlay Tab of HP Write Manager Shows an Empty Cache List. Notice:: The information in this document, including products and software versions, ... HP mt21 Mobile Thin Client, HP mt21 Mobile Thin Client series, ... HP's Virtual Agent can help troubleshoot issues with your PC or printer. Try asking HP's Virtual Agent.

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HP Thin Clients - Downloading HP ThinUpdate (Windows 10, 8, 7) This document is for HP Thin Clients with Windows. The HP ThinUpdate app allows you to download system images and software add-ons from HP, capture HP thin client images, create ISO files, and create bootable USB drives for image deployment.

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This guide is intended for Wyse 3040 thin clients which run Wyse ThinOS, PCoIP enabled Wyse ThinOS, and Wyse ThinLinux. It provides hardware specifications and OS-specific configurations to help you work with Wyse 3040 thin clients. Dell Wyse external references This section provides links to Dell support sites for Dell Wyse thin clients.

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HP Thin Client Software ... Centralized management and monitoring of your HP Thin Clients with remote 1 configuration, updates, and troubleshooting through a simple, ... Download the HP Thin Update Administrator Guide for more information on how to get started. ...

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Helpdesk Staff can check the List of Known Thin Client Issues for more troubleshooting resources. How can I distinguish between Wyse OS Thin Clients, XPe Thin Clients and Linux Thin Clients? When powered on, Wyse Thin Clients have a green background, XPe Thin Clients have a blue background and Linux Thin Clients have a blue background.

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Cisco CAD Troubleshooting Guide 10 April 28, 2015 Version Information All CAD applications include version information. This can be obtained by: Checking the About dialog box (choosin g Help > About on desktop application menu bars or the Help button on the toolbar) Right-clicking the application executable and selecting Properties from the

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Book Title. Deployment and Installation Guide for Cisco Jabber Softphone for VDI Release 12.8. Chapter Title. Troubleshooting—Windows. PDF - Complete Book (2.22 MB) PDF - This Chapter (1.12 MB) View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices

Troubleshooting Guide Thin Client

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Troubleshooting Guide Thin Client